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Welcome to Prospectors RV Resort!

Your enjoyment of the pleasant atmosphere associated with resort living is our prime responsibility. The following Resort Policy has been established for your comfort and security and for the convenience of all of our guests.

All sewer hoses need to be lifted off of the ground for proper drainage.

CHECK-IN – Check-in time is 2pm Arizona time, unless other arrangements have been made with our office.

CHECK-OUT – Check-out time is 12 noon Arizona time for RV sites. Depending on reservations for incoming guests, you may be able to pre-arrange a late check out through our office.

QUIET HOURS – 10pm to 8am – Please do not use generators during these hours. Please do not expose your neighbors to excessive noise at any time.

RETURNED CHECK FEE – A fee of $30 will be charged for returned checks.

LATE FEE - A late fee of $25 will be charged for rent, or electricity paid after the 5th day of your late payment.

ALCOHOL/SMOKING – We promote a clean, healthy environment, so smoking is not permitted in any building. Smoking in designated areas outside of the clubhouse and office. Excessive use of alcoholic beverages, and consumption by those under age 21, is prohibited.

SECURITY – To ensure security within the resort, all guests and visitors are required to display car passes issued by our office in their vehicle (not in the RV). If visitors will be in the park after office hours, guests must obtain a pass during office hours. No soliciting is allowed in the Resort.

PROPANE – You may order delivery from an outside vendor. See our office for details.


VEGETATION & WILDLIFE – Vegetation may not be pruned, cut or removed without written approval from Prospectors RV Resort management. Feeding of wildlife, including birds, is prohibited. (Hummingbird feeders are OK.)



RV REQUIREMENTS – All RVS must be owner occupied, clean, well maintained, and have a 3” sewage hookup. No RVs older than 10 years unless approved by management. Sewer connections must be sealed to comply with Mohave County health regulations. Pickup campers must remain on the pickup. Pop-ups and motorcycle trailer are okay with management approval. Tents are prohibited.

RV & VEHICLE WASHING – No car, RV, ATV, or boat washing. There will be a $150 violation fee if any car, RV, truck, ATV, boat, trailer, etc. is washed in the park.

TRASH – Please use plastic garbage bags with ties to eliminate odors and insects. We do not provide disposal receptacles for oversized or hazardous items. Littering of any kind, including cigarette butts and pet waste, on the Resort premises will not be tolerated. Due to wind, weather, and animals, OUTDOOR TRASH CANS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

PICNIC TABLES – Picnic tables are provided at your site for your enjoyment, however you may not use them for maintenance work.

CLOTHESLINES – You may hang your wet bathing suits and towels within your patio area but regular clotheslines are prohibited.

IMPROVEMENTS – All plans for improvements or additions to a rented site such as (but not limited to) concrete, semi-permanent awnings, screened rooms, detached air conditioners, vegetation, etc., must be submitted to management for approval prior to starting the work. Drawings are required to show the dimensions and locations as well as materials, if applicable. All improvements, including landscaping and concrete, shall at once become part of the realty and belong to Prospectors RV Resort if the Resort so desires. If not, improvements shall be removed upon departure at the renter’s expense and the site returned to its natural state.

ON-SITE STORAGE – All vehicles, watercraft, etc., stored on site must be owned and registered in the office by the guest of that space. Proof of ownership may be required. Excess items must not be stored around or under the RV, unless the RV is skirted and the items are out of sight. Major appliances may not be stored or used outdoors.

OCCUPANCY – No more than 2 persons will be registered per lot. The rental of a recreation vehicle lot is intended for recreational purposes and may not be used for commercial purposes and may not be subleased. No one may sleep outdoors or in vehicles or boats.

REGISTERED GUESTS – All persons staying on a site must be registered by name with the office and a fee paid, if applicable.

MONTHLY GUESTS – Monthly sites are registered to two persons only. One of these persons must be present when the lot is being utilized. All guests must register in the office upon arrival.

VISITORS – If you entertain visitors at the Resort, you are responsible for their conduct while on the Resort premises and are responsible for any damages incurred by them. You can arrange with our office to issue a pass for expected visitors. Please keep in mind that there is a limit of six persons to an RV site at any time. This includes visitors. Visitor’s passes do not afford your visitor the use of the facilities unless they have been registered at the office and any applicable fees paid. Any guest not adhering to this visitor policy will lose all visitor privileges within the Resort. All other passes will be issued at the Resort’s discretion. Visitor’s passes must be left at the office upon departure of the Resort.

CHILDREN – Parents are fully liable and responsible for the acts and conduct of their children at all times. Management reserves the right to allow/not allow guests that have children to stay at the Resort.


All pets must be approved by management prior to entering the park. We do not allow Pit Bulls, Dobermans, or Rottweilers in the park. We reserve the right to decline admittance of any pet due to breed or size. All pets must have proof of vaccination.

The following rules must be strictly followed by all pet owners. If any rules are violated, guests will be charged a $150 violation fine per violation.

There is a $25 non-refundable pet deposit per pet for guests that stay for less than 30 days, and $100 non-refundable pet deposit for guests staying over 30 days and $50 for the second pet.

Maximum of two pets per site.

All pets must be licensed and have shot records. Records must be presented to the office during check-in and will be placed in your file.

For the safety of all residents, pets are required to be on a leash when they are not inside your RV. Sonic leashes are not acceptable. Retractable leashes should keep the dog at a reasonable length so they cannot invade someone's space.

Pets will not be allowed to cause any disturbance, including, but not limited to, barking, growling, howling, biting, or any other unusual noises or damage.

Pets are not to invade the privacy of anyone's space. Pet owners are solely responsible for their pets, including injury, destruction, and annoyance to other residents. Prospectors RV Resort is not liable for any loss, damage, or injury of any kind whatsoever caused by a resident's pet.

Pets are not allowed to be tied up outside your RV and leaving them unattended is strictly prohibited.

All pet droppings must be picked up immediately, including in your own space. No exceptions. Carry a bag with you when walking your dog. If you are caught leaving droppings, you will be fined a $150 violation fee.

Pets are restricted from all buildings, club house, office, and apartments. Absolutely no pet food or bowls outside.

Any tenant abusing, abandoning, or neglecting an animal will be reported to Animal Control.

All violations are given a one-time written warning, then will be fined per violation. Continuing violations may result in being asked to leave the park. These rules are in place for the peace and comfort of all tenants. If you witness any violation mentioned above, please notify any park personnel or the park manager inside the office.



TRAFFIC – The speed limit within the Resort is 5 mph. All motor vehicles and watercraft must be in running condition.

GOLF CARTS – Golf carts may be driven on designated streets only and must have head and tail lights if operated after dark. Use of gasoline-powered golf carts is prohibited after 10pm. Golf carts are for transportation purposes only – no joy riding. All operators must possess a valid driver’s license. Proof of liability insurance specifically on the golf cart is required.

AUTOMOBILES – Maximum of two vehicles on your site at any time. Vehicles and watercraft must fit on your space, as there is no parking on the street. If overnight Resort parking is utilized, charges will apply. Major repairing of any vehicle, changing of oil, flushing of radiators, or cleaning engines or parts may not be done in the Resort. Please keep vehicle noise at a minimum during quiet hours. Unauthorized vehicles, and or vehicles parked in unauthorized areas are subject to towing and storage at the owner’s expense.

TOY MOTORIZED VEHICLES – Including but not limited to, motor powered scooters, bikes, skateboards, cycles, go-carts, and any other motor powered transportation device not licensed for the road. Gasoline powered Toy Vehicles are prohibited. All operators of electric Toy Motorized Vehicles must hold a valid driver’s license, follow manufacturer’s safety guidelines, and adhere to the speed limit. Electric Toy Motorized Vehicles may be ridden after dark if properly factory equipped with head and tail lights.

BOARDS, BIKES, BLADES, AND SCOOTERS – Non-motorized wheeled devices including, but not limited to the above, are permitted only during daylight hours. Bicycles may be ridden after dark if properly equipped with a headlight and tail reflector. None of these may be used on sidewalks, pool area, or inside buildings.



Management reserves the right to control the use of the recreation hall, clubhouse or any other Resort facility as to hours, purpose, and conduct. Management must approve scheduling of events for Resort guests or any group thereof.

SWIMMING POOLS AND JACUZZIS – The pool and Jacuzzis are provided for registered guests only. The rules posted in the pool area are for your safety and must be observed. No glass containers permitted. Food should be limited to the patio area. Please pick up trash so critters don’t invade our pool area. A responsible adult must accompany children under 14 years of age. There is no lifeguard on duty. Please help us keep the pool area clean.

REST ROOMS, SHOWERS AND LAUNDRY ROOMS – We pride ourselves on very clean facilities, so we would appreciate your letting us know if the facilities require attention.

CLUBHOUSE & DEN – Open for scheduled activities.

BILLIARDS ROOM – Adults and children accompanied by an adult.



Activities are for Prospectors guests only, unless otherwise announced. See the postings at the Clubhouse for complete updated activity and special event schedules. Nametags are available at the office for a nominal fee. We encourage wearing them, as they make getting to know one another much easier and promote a friendlier atmosphere.

LIABILITY – All facilities are used at your own risk. Our equipment, apparatus and facilities are furnished solely for the convenience of our registered guests. All persons using such do so at their own risk. The management will not be responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property by fire, theft, wind, or act of God.

The Resort management reserves the right to amend, revise, and add to the RV Resort Policy at any time.


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